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Diet For Liver Disease

The following is a partial list of foods that are used in treating liver symptoms with Traditional Oriental Medicine. If you have looked through the list of Hepatitis C Symptoms and noticed that you fall clearly into one of the categories listed, then you can use this diet as a starting point, but you should consider seeking out a knowledgeable Oriental Medical Physician to further refine your treatment plan. Keep in mind that these diet suggestions are a good start in working with Hepatitis, but are by no means the only steps to wellness.


The Diet For Liver Disease

“Diet to Harmonize The Liver”

Steamed Vegetables:

Brussel Sprouts
Bok Choy
Dandelion Greens

Afternoon Snacks (permitted as long as there are no severe digestive symptoms ):

Alfalfa Sprouts
Pistacio nuts and other nuts that are not rancid
Spirulina (3-6 caps w/ water between breakfast and lunch)

Sweeteners and Sweet Foods (always in moderation):

Unrefined cane juice
Organic Maple Syrup
Licorice root




Black Beans
Pinto Beans
Azuki (aka Aduki) Beans
Mung Beans

Herbs and Supplements:

Milk Thistle, Dandelion, Red Clover, Vitamin C, Spirulina

Things to Consider:

Do not over eat
Do not eat before bed, but rather give yourself 2-3 hours prior to falling asleep
Get plenty of sleep.


Saturated Fats such as: lard, cream, cheese, eggs (w/ cooked yolks) etc.
Hydrogenated fats such as: shortening, margarine, refined and rancid oils
Excesses of nuts and seeds
Chemicals in food and water
Pre-packaged foods with preservatives
Intoxicants such as alcohol, drugs,
Paint and chemical fumes,
Highly processed, refined foods
Spicy Foods
Fried Foods

In Summary:
With all of the above suggestions, the best strategy is to begin by including a warm breakfast with some of the above grains and steamed foods. If making a 100% change in your diet is intimidating to you, begin by shifting your breakfast patterns and eat your normal diet throughout the rest of the day. This will begin a new rhythm which will set the stage for a more gentle transition. Do not try too hard to make the change right away just to "fall back" to your old diet in a week or two. We always recommend to not avoid the foods you love for the whole day at first. Make the change fun, and not restricting. Set reasonable goals and always think first about adding foods in, instead of taking food out. Then, hopefully over time, the bad habits will slowly fall away.

If you have successfully made the breakfast switch, try to refrain from eating after 6:00 pm. This will give your digestive system time to assimilate before bed and allow your body to properly detoxify during the night. Add Milk Thistle Extract in the evening to help protect and rejuvenate the liver, increasing the dosage over time until you reach the desired dosage. For best results, follow the directions as posted on our site, or as directed by your health care provider.

For more information on the topic of healing through diet we suggest:

Cover Healing With Whole Foods; Paul Pitchford

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