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Suggested Dosage - Milk Thistle Extract

Standard Milk Thistle dosage:

A Standard dose of this formula is 6 - 9 dropper-fulls per day. Because of the natural cleansing effect of the formula, start out with 2 - 3 dropper-fulls per day in one cup of boiling water in the evening. Increase dosage by one dropper-full every week, slowly increasing to 6 – 9 dropper-fulls per day. Once the dosage has been increased to 6 dropper-fulls, patients may divide the daily amount into two servings, one in the morning and one in the evening.

For severe cases:

Patients with severe, stubborn, and/or long-term, chronic presentations may increase over time to as much as 12 - 14 dropper-fulls per day in hot water. Take 6 - 7 dropper-fulls in the AM, and 6 - 7 dropper-fulls in the PM.

Clients diagnosed with chronic hepatitis:

Patients with Hepatitis C and other liver disorders can safely take this formula as an ongoing supplement. A standard, recommended course would be 3 - 8 dropper-fulls of herbs in boiling hot water, twice a day. We would recommend taking the formula for 10 days, and then resting for two days to allow the body to balance prior to beginning the next course.

Gallstones and increased bile production:

This formula will increase the flow of bile into the intestines and may promote the movement of stones. Clients suffering from large gallstones should seek immediate treatment by a qualified primary care provider. Although Milk Thistle Silybum Marianum's effect is gentle and not harsh, any increase in bile production and elimination through a severely clogged gall bladder may present a health risk.

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